How to give your business or home up to 30 days protection from viruses, bacteria & germs
Using Zoono, our Fogging Service is an antiviral disinfectant solution which cleans and sanitises large areas of a building (and outside areas) quickly and effectively. It will kill off viruses and other biological agents in the air and on surfaces. Zoono has been tested to (EN standard 14476:2013+A2:2019 and the PAS 2424 and PAS 2430) to ensure full effectiveness. The product used is safe on equipment such as printers, computers, food areas etc. as the mist is exceptionally fine but effective in penetrating all areas to kill off viruses. Using specialist ULV (ultra-low volume) Fogging Machines to treat all spaces including carpets, walls, ceilings & non-specific contact areas. This fogging procedure will enable total and thorough treatment of all surfaces by atomising the antimicrobial agents making them airborne and able to penetrate and attach to every surface.

For Your Business
• Protects staff and customers against the spread of illness.
• Reduces risk of business disruption i.e. viruses outbreak including flu.
• Reduce staff absenteeism.
• Fits in with business Risk Assessment.
• Used by companies such as London Underground, Boeing etc.
• Tailor made and flexible service.
• Positive PR/social media Video promotion material-door window sticker-encourage customer to enter premises.
• Often takes less than an hour for the treatment to be carried out, so no disruption to your business.

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If your workplace has been affected and you require immediate attention at short notice, let us know. We can offer a professional medical grade product that can disinfect and sterilise all areas treated - for peace of mind and any COSHH risk assessment.

For Your Home
• For peace of mind when having work done to your home with various trades visiting regularly.
• When moving home you can move in to your new home with confidence after it has been treated.
• Family members returning from hospital or if you are in isolation with a family member who has been confirmed as having a virus.

Case Study
Transport for London recently conducted their own tests over a 30-day period on their underground carriages. One carriage was treated with Zoono and the other one was not. Both carriages were used on the underground network with thousands of passengers every day and the carriages went through their normal cleaning processes at the end of each day. After 30 days the carriage treated with Zoono showed 0% contamination, and the carriage that had not been treated showed 62.5% contamination.

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